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KahuBaby Jojo Coco Design Carrier

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Babies just love to be held. Babywearing can help strengthen the bond and connection between you, as well as helping your baby to feel comforted and secure at all times. Babywearing your little one in a carrier means you can keep your baby safe, secure and comfortable while keeping your hands free for other tasks like walking the dog, or eating all the biscuits.

The KahuBaby carrier is suitable from birth and holds your baby in a comfortable ergonomic position. The flexible design allows four different carrying positions, supporting your baby as they grow and develop. This soft structured baby carrier is easy to use and adjust to your family's needs.

This limited edition carrier design is the result of a partnership between KahuBaby and renowned British print and surface patter designer Jojo Coco Design. "Flocking Birds" was inspired by nature, with a beautiful charcoal background highlighting flocks of small stylized mustard birds in flight. 

Designed in the Lake District by a babywearing consultant, and handmade in Europe from organic and ethically-produced cotton.

Why you'll love it

Comfortable & ergonomic: The padded shoulder straps and wide, flexible waist band moulds to your body, while the wide base supports optimal hip development in your baby.

Happy baby, happy mum: Snuggled in against your body, your little one will feel secure and safe.Babywearing has been shown to reduce crying, aid digestion, reduce reflux and boost your oxytocin (the love hormone) - everyone loves a cuddle!

Hands-free baby care: For those days when you want to do a bit more than snuggle on the sofa, the
stretchy wrap gives you freedom and flexibility. Whether you have older children to care for, or just want to get out of the house for a walk, your baby will love being snugged up with you, while you enjoy having your arms back to yourself!

Who Made Your Kit

Designed by: Founded by New Zealand native, Carissa, a babywearing consultant living in the Lake District with her family. Kāhu is Maori for hawk, embodying the simple freedom Carissa has loved while exploring the wilds of the Lakes.

Manufactured by: KāhuBaby carriers have an incredibly transparent, ethical supply chain. Made from Cotonea organic cotton, the cotton is ethically grown in either Uganda or Kyrgyzstan. It is then spun into yarn in Cotonea's own fair-wage mills in Turkey, before being shipped to the Czech Republic. Here, the fabric is woven and the carriers are sewn together, before they take their journey to the Lake District in England. They then have one last little trip to Grow Wild HQ in West Wales!

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KahuBaby Jojo Coco Design Carrier
KahuBaby Jojo Coco Design Carrier
KahuBaby Jojo Coco Design Carrier
KahuBaby Jojo Coco Design Carrier
KahuBaby Jojo Coco Design Carrier
KahuBaby Jojo Coco Design Carrier
KahuBaby Jojo Coco Design Carrier
  • Breathable Organic Cotton

    Ethically sourced, 100% certified Cotonea organic cotton. Soft and breathable for you, sustainable for people and planet.

  • Outdoor Lifestyle

    Created for wild wanderings in the Lake District. Comfortable straps, wide waistband and ergonomic hip support for baby - made for your adventure.

  • Flexible Design

    Love it for longer - simple fastening, easy size adjustments, and four carry positions - suitable from baby to toddlerhood.

  • Your Purchase Supports Charity

    For every piece of kit you buy, we donate 2% of the sale.

    Grow Wild Outdoorwear supports PANDAS (mental health support) & Refuge (domestic abuse support).

Created for your active motherhood journey


Care Guide

  • Fasten buckles before washing.

  • Machine washable at 30°C.

  • Use a gentle washing liquid, without optical brighteners.

  • Do not use fabric conditioner.

  • Do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not dry clean, do not iron.

How do I babywear with the soft structured KāhuBaby carrier?

Very easily!

Your KāhuBaby Carrier has been designed so that it’s suitable to carry newborn babies from 3.2kg or 7lb. And you can carry your child right up to they weigh 16kg or 35lb. Most children will be comfortable in your KāhuBaby Carrier until they’re 2-2.5 years old.

The secure buckle fastenings and easily adjustments offer a customizable fit for you and baby, making carrying simple for everyone.

The comfortable KāhuBaby Carrier offers complete support in 4 carrying positions, giving you options for all stages of your baby’s development:

  • Front carry
  • Forward facing front carry (from 5 months, only for short periods of time while awake, as per expert recommendations)
  • Back carry (from 6 months)
  • Hip carry (from 4 months)

We provide full instructions with your order, and links to video resources for extra support.

Can I breastfeed in my KāhuBaby carrier?

Yes you can! Again, one more thing to learn (but that's parenthood!), but once you master the art of breastfeeding in a carrier you will feel like a superhero.

You can breastfeed in your KāhuBaby Carrier once your baby has sufficient head control to support their head unaided, and your baby is older than 4 months. You’ll loosen the straps a little on your carrier, lower your baby to a comfortable height for feeding, and then re-tighten the straps.
You’ll need to follow all the safety guidelines, and check that your baby can breathe freely through their nose.

Return your baby to your usual carrying position as soon as your baby has finished feeding.
We have a blog dedicated to breastfeeding on the go, which provides lots of information about breastfeeding in slings and wraps.