I'm Clare, the founder of Grow Wild Outdoorwear - a range of outdoor clothing and accessories for pregnancy and early motherhood.

I have always loved wild places. I had a semi-feral childhood on the west coast of Ireland, and I’ve spent the last 20 years exploring my local Welsh mountains on horseback with my dog. I love camping and hiking, I grow vegetables and keep chickens.

However, when I became pregnant with my daughter, I found it hard to find clothes that could keep up with my outdoors lifestyle. I was still a capable, active, practical, outdoors-lover, who wanted quality clothing. I still needed to stay warm and dry. I still wanted pockets.

I created Grow Wild because I believe pregnant women and mothers deserve great kit.

Maternity clothing made in the UK, and tested in the mountains of Wales

Grow Wild clothing is made for pregnancy, breastfeeding and babywearing. Each item has been specifically designed with features for your outdoor lifestyle.

Over three years of research and development has gone into the creation of Grow Wild Outdoorwear. Hundreds of hours of testing fabrics, tweaking designs and most importantly, talking to other outdoor-loving mothers to share their experiences and challenges.

Grow Wild is a brand made by women, for women.

Ethics and Sustainability

The journey towards the launch of Grow Wild has at times been a bumpy one. But the set-backs and challenges have defined what is important to me as the founder of Grow Wild.

Authenticity. Transparency. Building relationships. Supporting people.

I am a biological scientist by training (including a PhD in native pony genetics!) and a Quality Assurance Auditor for 15 years. Without a background in the fashion industry, I started Grow Wild using a design consultancy agency. I was advised that, as a small start-up, my best option was to manufacture in China.

Two years down the line, after communication problems, mounting costs and delays, and concerns about the lack of transparency, I decided it was time to pull the plug.
It was time to bring Grow Wild home to the UK and to manage the whole process myself.

This was a pretty scary step.

But exactly the right one. With support from the amazing organisation "Make It British", Grow Wild now aligns with my personal values. Short supply chains, supporting local UK businesses, small production runs with minimal wastage. Building a network with other ethical brands who prioritize supporting both customers and their suppliers.

Our Promise

  • To Support Women

    • To empower you to continue to continue doing the activities that you love
    • Supporting maternal mental health - building awareness and donating to charity
    • Partnering with organisations that support women and mothers to get outdoors
  • To Make Ethical Choices

    • To make ethical choices for our customers and suppliers - offering the best quality we can at a fair price
    • To commit to transparency, honesty and customer service
    • We are proud to have Pending B Corp status - the globally recognised certification for companies committed to using business as a force for good
  • To Make Quality, For You

    • Clothes designed for the outdoors, based on direct customer research and feedback
    • Made with the best quality raw materials, personally performance-tested by me
    • Created to last longer, for use at multiple stages of motherhood - better for you, better for the planet