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Hana Baby

Hana Baby Bamboo Stretchy Baby Wrap

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Babies just love to be held. Babywearing can help strengthen the bond and connection between you, as well as helping your little one to feel comforted and secure at all times. Babywearing your newborn in a wrap or carrier means you can keep your baby safe, secure and comfortable while keeping your hands free for other tasks like walking the dog, or eating all the biscuits.

The Hana Baby Wrap is one of the most popular stretchy baby wraps for good reason.

Made from a blend of bamboo and organic cotton, the wraps are super soft, cool and breathable to wear, keeping both you and baby comfortable all year round. Bamboo has natural temperature-regulating and UV shielding properties, keeping your little one close and protected on your outdoor activities. They are perfect for newborns and younger babies, as they offer full head and neck support and carry them in a secure, ergonomic position.

Designed in the UK, made in Turkey.

Colour – Welsh Slate
Why you'll love it

Comfortable: The light, airy and beautifully soft bamboo fabric moulds around you and your baby, effortlessly supporting you both.

Happy baby, happy mum: Snuggled in against your chest, your little one will feel secure and safe. Babywearing has been shown to reduce crying, aid digestion, reduce reflux and boost your oxytocin (the love hormone) - everyone loves a cuddle!

Hands-free baby care: For those days when you want to do a bit more than snuggle on the sofa, the stretchy wrap gives you freedom and flexibility. Whether you have older children to care for, or just want to get out of the house for a walk, your baby will love being snugged up with you, while you enjoy having your arms back to yourself!

Who Made Your Kit

British brand Hana Baby was created by mum Melissa, after her newborn daughter became ill and she needed a comfortable, easy way to carry and comfort her. She chose the lightweight, breathable bamboo fabric as the perfect year round baby wrap - both strong and soft, so you can carry in comfort.

Designed by Melissa in the UK, the Hana Baby wrap is manufactured in Turkey.

    Hana Baby Bamboo Stretchy Baby Wrap
    Hana Baby Bamboo Stretchy Baby Wrap
    Hana Baby Bamboo Stretchy Baby Wrap
    Hana Baby Bamboo Stretchy Baby Wrap
    Hana Baby Bamboo Stretchy Baby Wrap
    Hana Baby Bamboo Stretchy Baby Wrap
    • Breathable

      Bamboo blend fabric is both super soft and breathable. Stay cool and comfortable while on the move.

    • Outdoor Lifestyle

      Strong and lightweight, with antibacterial properties and inherent UV protection - great for getting out and about.

    • Ergonomic Comfort

      Correct, supportive positioning for your baby and designed for comfortable weight distribution for you.

    • Your Purchase Supports Charity

      For every piece of kit you buy, we donate 2% of the sale.

      Grow Wild Outdoorwear supports PANDAS (mental health support) & Refuge (domestic abuse support).

    Created for your active motherhood journey


    Care Guide

    • Machine wash at 30 degrees or below.

    • Tumble dry on a low heat.

    • If you really like ironing...(!) then do so on a low heat.

    • Do not use bleach or dry clean.

    How difficult is the stretchy wrap to use? Will I be able to work out how to tie it?

    It may take a couple of goes to get the hang of tying it, but it becomes second nature pretty quickly - just like tying your shoelaces! Once you understand the principles, it is relatively straightforward, and we supply clear visual instructions with your order.

    Make sure you are familiar with the TICKS safety guidelines for babywearing (we provide information with your order), and you are good to go!

    You can also check out Hana Baby's YouTube instructions here:

    How to tie your Hana Baby Wrap

    Can I breastfeed in the stretchy wrap?

    Yes you can! Again, one more thing to learn (but that's parenthood!), but once you master the art of breastfeeding in a sling you will feel like a superhero.

    There are a number of ways to do this depending on the age and size of your baby. It's not totally handsfree feeding, but it does offer more support and gives you a bit more freedom if you are out and about!

    You’ll need to follow all the safety guidelines, and check that your baby can breathe freely through their nose. Return your baby to your usual carrying position as soon as your baby has finished feeding.

    We have a blog dedicated to breastfeeding on the go, which provides lots of information about breastfeeding in slings and wraps.